About long-term absence, refusal to receive, wrong address

The time limit for holding a parcel after it is shipped depends on the carrier.
If there is an absence slip, please ask the delivery company to redeliver it.

Please note that if the package cannot be delivered due to an incorrect address and the package is discarded, we will not be able to redeliver it.
If the package is returned due to a long absence or refusal to receive it, we will charge the round-trip shipping fee and handling fee (uniformly 2500 yen), so please understand.
Please note that if you do not redeliver within 10 days after being absent for a long period of time or refusing to receive the package, the package will be discarded by the delivery company. Please note that refunds will not be accepted if the package is discarded by the delivery company.
In addition, if you are absent for a long time or refuse to receive it, we may refuse future transactions.
In addition, if past transactions are judged to be malicious, all transactions will be canceled or refused.
If it is returned due to an unknown address, it will be absent for a long time, so please make sure that there are no omissions in the address when ordering.