Terms of service

Chapter 1: General Provisions Article 1: Definitions This section defines several key terms used in the document, including the service, store operators, users, purchasers, and content.

Article 2: Application of the Terms This clause establishes that by using the service, users are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Article 3: Changes to the Terms This section gives the provider the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice to users or purchasers. The changes will take effect as soon as they are posted on the service's website. The provider is not responsible for any damages that may result from changes to the terms.

Chapter 2: Purchasing Products, etc. Article 4: Purchasing Products This section allows users to purchase products from the provider through the service. Users wishing to purchase products must follow the procedures set by the provider. A purchase contract is formed when the user clicks to confirm their order and receives a confirmation email from the provider. However, the provider has the right to cancel, void, or take other appropriate actions if there is any fraudulent or inappropriate conduct related to the use of the service. Minors cannot use the service to purchase products without the prior consent of a qualified legal guardian.

Article 5: Changes to Registered Information Purchasers must inform the provider immediately if there are any changes to the name, address, or other information they provided at the time of purchase. The provider is not responsible for any damages that may result from failure to update this information. Even if the information is updated, transactions that were already in progress before the update will be based on the information prior to the change.

Please note that this is a high-level summary and the actual legal implications and conditions might be more nuanced. Always consult with a legal professional when interpreting legal documents.


Article 6【Payment Method】 The total amount to be paid for the products includes the selling price displayed on the site, consumption tax, shipping charges, and fees. Payments for products purchased through this service shall be limited to payments made with a credit card in the purchaser's name, bank transfer, cash on delivery, or other payment methods designated by us. If you pay with a credit card, you agree to comply with the terms you separately contract with the credit card company. In case of any dispute between the purchaser and the credit card company regarding the use of the credit card, it is the purchaser's responsibility to resolve the dispute with the credit card company. If you enter into a separate contract (including agreement to the terms and conditions of the payment method, but not limited to this) with the payment company that provides the payment method designated in this service, you agree to comply with the terms of the separate contract with the payment company. In case of any dispute between the purchaser and the payment company related to the payment method, it is the purchaser's responsibility to resolve the dispute with the payment company.

Article 7【Returns】 We will respond to returns of products from purchasers in accordance with the "Special Provisions on Returns" in the "Specific Commercial Transactions Law Notice" posted on the site.

Chapter 3 Handling of Personal Information Article 8【Handling of Personal Information】 We will handle personal information in accordance with our privacy policy separately defined by us.

Chapter 4 Responsibilities of Use Article 9【Prohibited Actions】 The following acts are prohibited for users and purchasers when using this service:

  • Actions that cause or may cause annoyance, disadvantage, or damage to other users, third parties or us
  • Actions that infringe or may infringe on the copyrights and other intellectual property rights, portrait rights, personality rights, privacy rights, publicity rights, and other rights of third parties or us
  • Actions that violate public order and morals, other laws and regulations, or may do so
  • Actions in which the user or purchaser uses content obtained through this service beyond the scope of private use
  • Actions in which the user or purchaser duplicates, sells, publishes, distributes, and publicizes the content obtained through this service, or similar actions, through other users or third parties other than other users
  • Actions that obstruct the operation of this service and other services provided by us
  • Actions that we reasonably judge to be detrimental to our reputation
  • Other actions that we judge to be inappropriate

Chapter 5 Disclaimer Article 10【Disclaimer】 We are not responsible for any damage caused to third parties by the user or purchaser violating these terms and conditions. We do not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, certainty, usefulness, etc. of the content of this service and the information that the user or purchaser obtains through this service. Even if there is false or misleading content in the content disclosed or posted on this service, we are not responsible for any damage, loss, disadvantage, etc., whether directly or indirectly, suffered by the user or purchaser. We are not responsible for the quality, material, function, performance, compatibility with other products, other defects, and damage, loss, disadvantage, etc., caused by these, for the products sold through this service. If the purchaser neglects or refuses to receive the product, cannot receive the product due to long-term absence, is unknown of the delivery destination, or cannot receive the product due to the purchaser's convenience, we will fulfill our obligation to deliver the product and be exempted from the obligation by contacting the contact information registered by the purchaser and bringing the product to the delivery destination specified at the time of product purchase.

Chapter 6 Miscellaneous Article 11【CopyrightArticle 11【Copyright, Intellectual Property Rights】 The content provided through this service belongs exclusively to us or a third party with legitimate rights. If a problem arises between the user or purchaser and a third party in violation of this provision, the user or purchaser will resolve the problem at their own expense and responsibility, and will not cause any damage, loss, or disadvantage to us.

Article 12【Governing Law】 The laws of Japan shall apply to these terms and conditions.

Article 13【Consultation and Jurisdiction】 If there is any doubt about the interpretation of these terms and conditions, we have the right to decide the interpretation within a reasonable range. It is agreed in advance that the court that has jurisdiction over the location of us will be the exclusive jurisdictional court of the first instance for all disputes concerning these terms and conditions.