Legal notice

Dealer: Mofu Pet GK

   〒 530-0001
2 -chome Umeda, Kita -ku, Osaka -shi, Osaka
No. 5 13
Sakurabashi Daiichi Building 304
telephone number:0678785947

* We do not respond to inquiries by phone, so please contact us from the following email address.

Sales price: Please refer to the product introduction page.

■ Price other than the product (shipping, fees, etc.)

Less than 10,000 yen is 500 yen for shipping (Hokkaido / Okinawa Prefecture 2500 yen)

Free shipping over 10,000 yen.

payment method:

Credit cards, ApplePay, paid (paidy), convenience store payment are available.

Product delivery time: After the order is confirmed, it will be delivered in 15-31 days

Special contracts for returned goods

About return / exchange

Please note that we cannot accept returns and exchanges for your convenience.

When ordering, please check the product, size, price, details, etc. carefully before ordering.

* Long -term absence after product shipping,We cannot cancel due to refusal to receive.

* We will request the recurrence expenses, labor costs, etc. generated in the case of long -term absence or refusal to receive.

* After a long absence or refusal to receive the product, it will be stored for a certain period of time after taking it back to the delivery company, but if it is not received within the deadline, it may be discarded. In the unlikely event that the product is not received due to long -term absence or refusal to receive it, we cannot be responsible for being destroyed.



Returns and replacements by damaged, misplaced, etc.

If you have any damage, dirt or delivery of the product, we are sorry, but please contact the following e -mail address within 3 days of the product arrival.



The omitted description will be disclosed without delay by requesting the above inquiry.