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777 yen coupon gift with new member registration♪

Thank you for visiting Belchic/Mellowd.


For a limited time, with new member registration,777 yen coupon present!♪

Please take this opportunity to register as a new member!💕


When you register as a new member, you will be asked to enter your email address and name,

If you register with an au, Docomo, or Softbank email address, you may not be able to receive emails due to spam filters.
We would appreciate it if you could refrain from using your carrier e-mail address when registering.💞


Please use your real name when you place an order.

The delivery company will look at the nameplate when delivering the package, so we would appreciate it if you could register your name in kanji characters.💛


Tap the image here to register as a new member.▼